54 standard playing cards with elemental suits. 54 questions to reveal your personal narrative. A guide for deeper understanding about passion, shadows, and fulfillment between friends, family, lovers, and strangers.

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    Fourwards Movement is a lifestyle that celebrates challenge. Here, you never have to sacrifice your personal growth to fit in. This community inspires humans to “Keep Moving Fourwards” in all facets of life. Our products focus on journeys of discovery, resilience and fulfillment.


    We are a collective of creatives, travelers, storytellers, learners, thrill-seekers, optimists, athletes, and business extraordinaires. Our mindset reminds people that every good story has highs and lows. This community reminds people that you don't have to face them alone.


    We strive to find the path between passion and fulfillment. In order to fulfill your purpose, you must share your gifts with the world. The road to fulfillment can get lonely. Fourwards is here to make that journey easier. Have a creative idea? Let’s begin.


    Some of the hardest moments in life provide some of the best opportunities for growth. Life is not to be lived for the peaks, but to enjoy the journey and get better at getting back up.