Fourwards began in March 2016 when four friends took a road trip from Texas to San Francisco and back, camping and hiking in every national and state park possible along the way. We experienced more ups and downs than you could imagine.

On that trip, we realized, while the good memories far outweighed the bad ones, they also seemed that much sweeter when compared to the bad. We took the lows as opportunities for growth and creativity. Embracing this idea on our trips as well as in our day-to-day lives, the Fourwards crew learned that one must weather the storms to truly appreciate the blessings. You’ve got to KEEP MOVING FOURWARDS.


Our logo consists of the number 4 represented by a tree and a forwards arrow, embodying our motto to “Keep Moving Fourwards,” as well as our roots and aspirations in the outdoors.


Our World, Your Story is a tagline meaning: this world belongs to everyone, but it is YOUR job to go out there and make your own mark on it.


We inspire people to interrupt their day-to-day routines and use the cards they were dealt to write a story they are proud of. Fourwards products and values foster a culture pursuing fulfillment and positive progress through adventure, conservation, and philanthropy.