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54 standard playing cards with elemental suits. 54 questions to reveal your personal narrative. Conversations on these questions open the doorway for deeper understanding about passion, fulfillment, and shadows between friends, family, lovers, and strangers. 

The questions put your life into the imaginative perspective of the hero's journey. From your call to action, death, rebirth, atonement, revelation and victory. Discovering this story will give you ownership and confidence in your past, present, and future.

Customer Reviews

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Aimee Noble
Holy Introspection

I love this deck. I journal every single day, usually checking in with how I’m feeling. But the prompts on the cards make me really THINK. Dive deeper than what’s on the surface. I’ll be forever grateful for discovering this

Juan F Navarrete
Amazing set of CARDS

Wonderful set of cards, top quality and with the added bonus of a story-telling element.

Lane Womack
Best deck money can buy

Not only do you get a sense of who you are, but can also learn more in depth information about friends, family or strangers. I haven’t used these cards with anyone but myself yet, I used them as a pivot point in my life to learn more about what I want. Can’t wait to use them with friends!


Great for a group as a conversation starter or for an individual as a deep dive into personal growth. Took them on a girl's trip and we used them every night. The answers were hilarious and serious. We all knew a lot more about each other in the end! Thanks for creating!!

Sarah Erickson
Powerful Conversations and Cool Aesthetic

The Hero's Journey Deck turns an ordinary deck of cards into a catalyst for powerful conversations, compelling stories, and deeper connections. Whether using this deck with the people closest to me, or with newcomers I've just met... these cards never fail to spark engaging conversations and deeper relationships.

I love the design aesthetic of the deck, and the elemental suits are a cool twist on traditional playing cards.

This deck is perfect for anyone who seeks deeper meaning and significant connections in life. Depending on which questions you choose, it can be a light conversation starter, or it can spark deeper discussions about the profound stories that make us who we are.

Everyone should have a Hero's Journey Deck on their coffee table or in their backpack! I'm excited to continue sharing these cards and can't wait to see where they takes me.


Our stories are not the same. But they are all tales of challenge and perseverance, good and evil, defeat and victory, and striving for the goal of a life well-lived. This deck is a storytelling toolkit to discover and share the journeys of friends and strangers.

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The secret to a good story.

Every book you have ever read, every TV show or movie you have ever watched, follows this sequence at its very core. If you look closely enough, your life also follows this structure. By diving into the Hero’s Journey cycle, we can find meaning in both the highs and lows of life. We can gain ownership, direction, and confidence in our stories.

Take a minute to think of the main character in that movie about the ring, the wizard, and the most famous, The Odyssey. These cards will reveal that your own story is not too far off.


1. Called to Adventure: The hero is home or in a place of comfort. External circumstances arise that call them to act and lead a journey of discomfort. There is likely hesitation or friction where the hero may refuse the call.

2. Meets a Mentor: In the beginning of the story, the hero meets a mentor that acts as a guide to the hero during their first challenges.

3. Crosses into Unknown: One of the first big moments. The hero crosses the threshold into the unknown world.

4. Trials and Failures: The hero faces trials and tribulations that are necessary to prepare the hero for the true challenge.

5. Growth: Through these challenges, the hero may fail, but this misfortune of the moment is crucial to the growth of the hero.

6. New Skills: This self growth allows for an expanded perspective where the hero realizes capabilities.

7. Death/Rebirth: Meeting with the Villain. Everything the hero has learned up to this point will be put to the test. Have they learned? Have they grown? Have they actually changed?

8. Revelation: The hero has a life altering realization.

9. Finally Changes: In order to truly change, the hero must choose to accept something about themself and release it.

10. Atonement: By finally changing, the hero has made room in themself or the world to fulfill their underlying purpose and right their wrongs.

11. Gets Gift/Wisdom: Through the overcoming of these internal and external challenges, the hero receives a physical gift or a new lens on their world.

12. Returns New: The hero is back where they started. The place may be the same, but they are not.


AIR: Childhood/ Inner Child. Your Backstory. Flowing curiosity and creativity. (Diamonds)

EARTH: Adolescence. The beginning of your story. The formation of the Hero’s values and roots in past trials. (Clubs)

FIRE: The Anvil. The Now. Flames of your present forge your future and give purpose to passion. (Hearts)

WATER: Your Future. The Unknown. Takes the shape of the form it is put into and reflects the Hero’s fulfillment in their journey. (Spades)


The questions in this deck allow us to find the narrative in our lives.Each question is related to the Hero’s Journey cycle.The questions themselves get harder and more personal as you go up in both suit and number.

The questions are designed to be played 1 of two possible ways:

1. To be played from the 2 of Air to the Ace of Water. By playing this way, you will work up the courage or connection to go deeper and deeper into questions and answers about your lives.

2. Or just draw a random card and see where it goes.


These cards are designed to be a journaling tool to write your story. Use each card question as a journal prompt in order of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. This will create the story of your past, present, and future, and explore your passions, pathways, and shadows in the context of the Hero's Journey.